Nominations for Women's Center Committee awards may be self-submitted.

Requirements for submission of nominations include:

  1. Current individual NWSA membership
  2. Completion of online form
  3. One letter of nomination or self-nomination*
  4. One letter of support from a professional reference (the form has a field to input the email address for the person writing the letter of support, and they will be automatically sent instructions to upload their letter directly to your nomination)
  5. A copy of your resume or CV

Coalition Builder Award 

This award celebrates the coalitional work of  individuals working in  women’s and gender equity centers. Recipients will have built successful partnerships in the service of racial justice and gender equity. Partnerships may include campus departments, academic units, other institutions, community agencies and/or professional organizations/associations. 

Feminist Change Agent Award 

This award recognizes the remarkable work of change agents within the field of women’s and gender equity centers. Feminist/Womanist leaders play an important role in advancing justice and social change. Recipients will have done work that embodies intersectional feminist values and their contributions may include, but are not limited to the following: campus advocacy, strategic planning and visioning, policy development and/or scholarship that informs our work.  

Mentorship Award

This award honors the critically important role that mentors play within women’s and gender equity centers, and the advancement of our field.  Recipients will have a demonstrated commitment to the development of others as shown through their work supporting students and/or colleagues.  This award can also be received by an individual who has contributed to the support or development of mentoring programs.  

Outstanding WGEC Program

This award recognizes the work of women’s and gender equity centers as sites of feminist praxis and celebrates specific programs/initiatives developed and implemented by a center.  Selected programs/initiatives will have demonstrated commitment to intersectional feminism and employ inventive strategies to address the emergent and changing needs of our campus communities.  

*When nominating for this award, please include a program overview and learning outcomes in place of a resume/CV. Self-nominations are encouraged. 

The purpose of this award is to recognize and support the work of scholars working in the emergent field of Trans Studies, broadly conceived. This $200 prize will be awarded to any caucus member whose paper was accepted for the 2019 annual conference and demonstrates potential to advance the field of trans studies. The recipient will be selected by a committee composed of the caucus chair and two caucus members.

The paper will be selected based on the following criteria: originality of topic; quality of analysis and/or methods; potential to contribute to the field of trans studies; integrative analysis of race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, empire, etc.; and clarity and organization.

Submission requirements:

  • Accepted paper at the 2019 annual conference
  • Member of Trans/Gender Variant Caucus at time of submission
  • Completed online submission form
  • Paper of no more than 20 pages, double-spaced
  • 1-2 page CV
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